SS501 Lyrics

  •  A

A Song Calling For You

Aeinmandeulgi (making a lover) – Boys Before Flowers OST 2



All my love (japan)

Asai Yume No Hate (japan)

Always and Forever

Angel [Kim Hyung Joon feat. E-Tribe]

A Thing Called Happiness [Kim Hyun Joong] (Ost.Boys Over Flowers special editing F4)

  •  B

Because I’m Stupid

Believe in love  (japan)

Bye bye

Be A Star (japan)

Barabomyeo / GAZE

Breathing for you (Instrumental)



Break Down (Kim Hyun Joong)

Bad Person – Park Jung Min [Ost Fondant Garden]

Bad Guy – Kim Hyung Jun [2nd Mini Album Escape]

  •  C

Confession (Ost.Superstar) [Kim Kyu Jong]

Crazy 4 u


Crying – HYS 2nd Mini Album SOLO

  • D

Deja Vu

Destiny (japan)

Distance – kimi to no kyori (japan)

Do you know [Park Jung Min @Not Alone]

 Do You Like That – Kim Hyun Joong

  •  E



Everyday Is Christmas [ Park Jung Min @Not Alone]

  •  F



Four Chance (4 chance)

Forever /Until Forever

  •  G

Green peas (wan du kong)

Geopjjaengi / Coward

Get Along

Gleaming star

Gyonggi /Warning

Girl [Kim hyung Jun]

Glamorous Sky (park jung min)

Gara Gara [Park Jung Min Sweet Chic]

Go Go Go – Park Jung Min

Go Wipe Your Tears / I Erase Tears [Heo Young saeng]

Kim Kyu Jong  ~ Get Ya Luv

Kim Hyung Jun Feat. JQ – 잘못 걸었어 (Got It Wrong)


  •  H

Hey G [Kim Hyung Joon Solo Colletion]

HANA (japan)

Hajimete miru sora datta [Heo Young Saeng kokoro] (japan)

Hayan Saram / White Person (japan)

Here [Park jung min] (japan)

Hikari [Kim Kyu Jong kokoro] (japan)

Hoshizora (japan)

Hwaseong Namja Geumseong Yeoja / Mars men, venus women (korea)

Heaven [Kim hyung Jun]

Honto Ni Suki Datta (japan)

Heo Young Saeng – I’m Broken

Heo Young Saeng – Rainy Heart feat Kyu Jong (SS501)

Heo Young Saeng – Out The Club feat Tae Wan

Hello Mello (Only Love) – HYS 2nd MiniAlbum

Kim Hyun Joong – Heat (2nd Mini Album Japan)

  •  I

I Am [Kim Hyung Joon]

If  U Can’t [Park Jung Min feat Lee Jisun] Solo Collection

Is It Love [Heo Young saeng UR MAN]

In Your Smile

I Want You

I Won’t Be A Coward

I Erase Tears/Go Wipe Your Tears  [Heo Young Saeng Ost. Friend,Our Legend Drama]

I Love You Im Sorry  [Heo Youeng Saeng]

In A Rush

Im Your Man – Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyung Jun-  If Tonight Passes / Midnight Passes

If You Are Like Me – Kim Hyun Joong

Intimated – HYS 2nd Mini Album SOLO

  •     J

Jun Be OK [Kim Hyun Joong ft Kim Joon]

Just Let It Go- Kim Hyung Jun [2nd Mini Album Escape]

  •     K

Kokoro (japan)

Kimi Wo Utau Uta Kashi / A Song Calling For You Japan Vers)

Kiss [Solo Park jung min] with rainbow dancer  @Persona Concert

Kiss Kiss (HJL)

  •    L

Let Me Be The One

Love Like This

 Love Ya

Love That Can’t Be Erased (OST Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)

Lonely Girl [Kim Hyung  Joon feat. Kim Kyu Jong] (ost.Bad Girl Diary)

Let’s Break Away


Love  Train [Kim Hyung Joon feat L.E.O]

Looking/ Watching You /Gaze/Barabomyeo

Love Is [Kim Hyung Jun ,OST Caffe In]

Lucky Days

Like Tears Are Felling [Park Jung Min Sweet Chic]

Let It Go (HYS)

Long Night – Kim yung Jun

Lucky Guy – Kim Hyun Joong

Love Song – Heo Young Saeng [OST I Need A Fairy]

  •   M

My Girl




Mission No.4 [Son Dambi Feat. Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 & Kim Joon of T-Max]

Memories of youth

Mars men, venus women (ost A surgeon bang dal hae) [Kim Hyung Jun Feat Miso]

Missing You – Park Jung Min[OST The Princess Man]

My Love – Kim Kyu Jong  feat Heo Young Saeng

Marry Me Marry U – Kim Hyun Joong

Midnight Pasess /If Tonight Pasess – Kim Hyung Jun [OST Lie To Me]

Maria (눈물나무) – HYS 2nd Mini Album

My Precious One – KKJ 2nd Mini Album “Meet Me Again”

  •   N

Nameless Memory [Heo Young Saeng @Solo Collection]

Never Again

Never Let you go[Kim Kyu Jong @UR Man Album]

Not Alone [ Park Jung Min @Not alone]

No Exit Days

No More Yes – Kim Kyu Jong

No Other Woman But You  [Kim Hyung Joon @My Girl]

  •  O


Only One Day (Harumanday)

One more Time [Kim Hyun Joong ost Playfull Kiss]

Only Me [Park Jung Min]

oH aH [Kim Hyung Jun]

One Luv – KKJ 2nd Mini Album “Meet Me Again”

  •     P


Promise To Promise

Please Be Nice To Me [Kim Hyun Joong @solo collection]


Please – Kim Hyun Joong

  •     R

Radio Star

Rize up

Rolling Callin Darling [Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 Feat. Kim Joon of T-Max & Son Dambi]

Run To U vers.Park Jung mal    Vers2 Vers3 Vers4

Rainism – Live (kim Hyun Joong)

Rak Ther (park jung min solo) [Taiwan]

  •   S


Snow Prince

Stand By Me

Sesangui Nalgae / Wings Of The World


Summer Blue


Sad Song – Heo Young Saeng OST Protect The Boss

Smile – Kim Hyun Joong

Sweet Everyday – Kim Hyung Jun [OST Glowing She]

Sign – Kim Hyung Jun [OST I Lov You]

Sorry I’m Sorry – Kim Hyung Jun [2nd Mini Album Escape]

  •  T

Thank You – Gommapda [Kim Hyun Joong]

The One

Take You High

Time Of Destiny

Soneul Chabayo – Take my Hand (SS501 feat SNSD, SUPER JUNIOR, Jewelry, Brown eye girl, Lee Hyun, T.G.U.S)

Tian min mi (Park Jung Min Solo) [Taiwan]

Traveler Glider

The Words In My Lips – Heo Young Saeng [Ost Fermenteted Family]

Thank You ft ThanKyu – Kim Kyu Jong 2nd Mini Album “Meet Me Again”

  •  U

U R Man

Until Forever (Forever)


U – Kim Hyun Joong

  •  W

Want It

Wings Of The World (Seh Sang Ae Nahl Gae)


Wuss up [Kim kyu jong]

We Can Fly


Wonderfull World

White Person / Hayan Saram

  •   Y

You Are My Haven

Yes I Will ( Hjl)

Yesterday – Kim Kyu Jong (@Album: Turn Me On )

Your Color – Park Jung Min (OST Love Song In August )

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